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Result In 72 Hours

Our plant care products ensure safe and visible improvements in just 72 hours, both indoors and outdoors. No dilution needed – apply directly for a quick and vibrant transformation.


Explore our eco-friendly products crafted with natural ingredients, safe for all and contributing to a sustainable and green future. Let’s protect plants and the planet together!

Eco Frinedly
Botanical Extracts GE

Botanical Extract

Created with natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals, our products are safe and beneficial pollinators like Bees, Bumblebees, and Ladybirds.

Our Products

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Gardening Solutions At Your Fingertips!

Green Era provides eco-friendly gardening solutions for all, whether you’re a novice or an experienced gardener. Our range of products, including plant growth regulators, organic fertilizers, and plant growth promoters, caters to the needs of both indoor and outdoor gardening enthusiasts. From any corner of the world, you will be assisted with our affordable plant care products and expertise.

Green Era delivers organic indoor and outdoor gardening solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re combating pest infestations, addressing nutritional deficiencies, or creating an optimal growing environment, our products and community support have got you covered.

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Why People Choose Us?

We Can Help You Grow Your Plants

We offer effective plant care solutions, serving as your reliable partner in plant growth. Our products, including plant growth regulators and organic fertilizers, provide quick and efficient control of pests and diseases. Whether you’re an indoor gardening enthusiast or tending to outdoor plants, our eco-friendly solutions ensure rapid results within 72 hours.

Our Happy Customers!

Green Era neem oil is easy to use and effective for all kinds of pests and fungi I have applied it to my plants every 15 days result is it effectively treats all plants infection it is ready to use we can directly spray it on
the plant gently.
Guard 360 plant protector spray works on all sucking pests and fungal infections It has given me an effective result within 48 hours of application and does not harm butterflies and honeybees also work on multiple life stages of the pests from eggs to adults.
Grow me fast plant booster is an excellent product for all indoor and outdoor plants it gave me results within 2days after the application of the products I noticed that plant growth and new buds increased the results are excellent.

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