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Buy Best Neem Oil Spray For Indoor And Outdoor Plants

Neem A Oil is a spray for plants, used as a foliar spray or leaf shine, and is especially beneficial to indoor or outdoor plants. Neem A Oil is effective against a variety of fungal diseases and infections, including powdery mildew, black spot, rust, sooty mold, scab, anthracnose, and leaf spot. Neem A Oil does not harm certain beneficial insects, such as ladybugs and predatory mites, and it has no adverse effect on honey bees or other pollinators. Since Neem A Oil can kill pests at all stages of their life cycles, Its usage becomes effective throughout the entire growing season including eggs, larvae (grubs), pupae, and adults.

The Benefits of Neem A Oil

  • Neem A Oil serves as a natural pest repellent, promoting environmentally friendly pest control.
  • Highly effective against a variety of pests and diseases common to both indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Actively contributes to improved plant health and growth.
  • The result-oriented broad-spectrum formulation targets both leaf-eating and sucking pests, ensuring comprehensive pest management.

Direction for Use

  • Shake well before spray.
  • Unlock the nozzle and spray uniformly on plant leaves.
  • Spray directly on the plant, no need to dilute further.
  • For best results, spray twice a week.

Suitable for all types of indoor & outdoor plants.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How often should you use Neem Oil on plants?

It is recommended to apply neem oil on plants once every 7 to 14 days. The frequency of application may vary on the severity of the pest or disease problem and the type of plant being treated.

Why should we use Neem Oil against pests?

Neem oil is used against pests because it has natural insecticidal properties that can effectively control a wide range of harmful insects. Neem oil is biodegradable and does not persist in the environment, reducing the risk of long-term harm to non-target species.

Can I spray Neem Oil on every plant?

Neem oil can be used on a wide range of plants, but it is best to check if a specific plant species are known to have any sensitivity to it. It is also recommended to test a small, inconspicuous area of the plant first and monitor for any adverse effects before applying it to the entire plant.

Do you spray Neem Oil on soil or leaves?

Neem oil is usually sprayed on the leaves of plants. It can also be applied to the soil around the base of the plant, but the foliar application (spraying on leaves) is more effective in controlling pests and diseases.

What is the best time to spray Neem Oil on plants?

The best time to spray neem oil on plants is in the early morning or late evening when the sunlight is not present at its strongest to prevent leaf burn.

What is the difference between Guard 360 and Neem A Oil?

Guard 360 is a plant protector while Neem A Oil is a pest repellent.

Can it be useful against sucking pests?


Can it be used for repelling the pest?

Yes, it is the best repellent, so, we can keep away the pests from damaging our plants.

Is it useful to control the spots on leaves?


Is this product useful for controlling leaf curl?


Can it create any oily layer on plants, fruits, and flowers?

No. It will help to improve the activity of plants.

Which is the good time to spray Neem A Oil?

Preventive spray in the morning and evening gives the best results.

What is the PPM concentration in Neem A Oil?

300 PPM- 500 PPM.

Is it manufactured out of cold-pressed oil technology?

Yes. It is manufactured using cold press technology.

Any external addition is necessary for it before spraying?

No, it is ready to use the product.

11 reviews for Neem A Oil

  1. Shital

    Not harmful for plants.
    Works well.
    Easy to use.

  2. Tejas

    This is the best organic pest repellant in the market

  3. Nikita

    I can see the result just in 3 days

  4. Prajakta

    Organic and safe repellant, lovely.

  5. Varsha

    Good product with no side effects whatsoever

  6. Varsha

    No side effects whatsoever, good product…

  7. Durga R

    This is the best organic pest repellant in the market

  8. Swapnil G

    I never thought I can get such an awesome product in ready to spray form, best one

  9. Mustakim

    Ordered Combo for my kitchen garden, have nice results in combination.

  10. sunny gaikwad

    Neem A Oil kills pests, My plants have never looked better!

  11. Dipak Garud

    Neem A Oil best product

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