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Best Vermicompost For Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Enriched Vermi Lite is a type of compost that is prepared by using earthworms to break down organic matter. Enriched Vermi Lite is the best vermicompost for indoor and outdoor plants and is a great way to improve the quality of your soil. They provide essential nutrients that help plants grow and thrive. Enriched Vermi Lite also helps to improve drainage and aeration in the soil and can help to suppress plant diseases. Using an Enriched Vermi Lite product can help you create a healthy, vibrant garden that will be the envy of your neighbors. Our Enriched Vermi Lite product is one of the best result-oriented urban gardening products in the market. It is made of natural ingredients and helps to improve the quality of the soil.

Benefits of Enriched Vermi Lite

  • Enriches the soil with nutrients that are essential for plant growth, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
  • Helps to improve the structure of the soil, making it more aerated and easier for roots to penetrate.
  • A slow-release fertilizer and hence does not burn your plants.
  • It has an environmentally friendly way to fertilize your indoor and outdoor plants.

Direction For Use

  • Take an empty pot with a drainage hole.
  • Enriched Vermi lite, coco-peat, and garden soil are all thoroughly mixed together and added to the pot in a ratio of one part each (1:1:1).
  • Plants grow for a long time while still being strong, active, and attractive.

Suitable for all types of indoor & outdoor plants.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes Vermi Lite enriched than other vermicompost?

It is enriched with more concentrated and potent essential plant nutrients than vermicompost. It’s also free of weed seeds with optimum moisture levels.

Can we use it after plantation?

Yes, we can use.

How much standard quantity required for one pot?

70 to 100 gm per pot.

Is it applicable for both; indoor and outdoor plants?


Is it applicable for frequently application?


Is it free from any harmful pathogens and harmful materials?


Does it give any offensive smell?


How can it help in plant growth?

It contains all essential nutrients that are required for plant growth. It also improves soil activities.

Can it be suitable for all types of plants and soil?


Is it helpful for germination of seed?

Yes, it improves seed germination and vigor.

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7 reviews for Enriched Vermi Lite

  1. Anuja

    Good vermicompost, easy to use..no smell and value for money.

  2. E Patil

    Very nice product

  3. Tejavath V

    After using this product my plants and vegetables are growing in ideal size with greener leaves

  4. Vinay

    Best replacement to Vermi compost. Ordered last month for Roses…got the best results.

  5. Anil D Natekar

    My Plants are thriving after use, and I’m so grateful for this product.

  6. Vijay shamrao londhe

    I was having a problem with my pots getting too soggy, and I was worried about root rot. I tried Enriched Vermi Lite, and it has made a world of difference.

  7. Akshay Khalate

    I feel more than vermicompost, having a pleasant smell and texture

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