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Grow Me Fast
is a flowering plant growth promoter which is also a stimulant that serves as an organic fertilizer to increase plant growth and bring while enhancing plant health. It prevents the falling of fruits and flowers. It enhances vegetative growth, flower quality, the color of the leaves, and the latex. It boosts plant nutrients to resist pest disease in plant maturation without interfering with their natural processes. It empowers flowers with a necessary number of stalks while tillering in order to have quality produce. variables that influence tillering.

The Benefits of Grow Me Fast

  • Improves plant quality in flowers and fruits.
  • Promotes plant growth and vigour.
  • Generates resistance against abiotic & biotic stress.
  • Helps to increase weight, size, color, and brings the glaze on fruits and flowers.
  • Boosts the photosynthesis rate & metabolism the activity of the plant.

Direction For Use

  • Shake well before spray.
  • Unlock the nozzle and spray uniformly on plant leaves.
  • Spray directly on the plant, no need to dilute further.
  • For best results, spray twice a week.

Suitable for all types of Indoor & Outdoor plants.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it increase no. of flowers, and fruits on the plant?

Yes, It helps the plant grow stronger, produce more flowers, and increase the yield of flowers. The effectiveness of a plant booster depends on many factors such as the type of plant, the soil quality, the growing conditions, and the correct application of the product.

Does it protect plants from insects and diseases?

It does not directly protect plants from insects and diseases Plant boosters, also known as plant growth promoters, contain nutrients and minerals that can help plants grow stronger and become more resistant to pests and diseases

Why it is helpful for plant overall growth?

Enhance root development, and boost immunity against environmental stress and diseases. Plant boosters also contain hormones, enzymes, and other growth-promoting substances that can help to enhance the overall growth and performance of the plant.

Which is the best organic plant booster spray for indoor and outdoor gardening?

Grow Me Fast is the best organic plant booster that will help your indoor or outdoor plant increase flowering helps in plant tillering and promotes the formation of new bubs.

Why use grow me fast plant booster to make plants grow faster?

Because it contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, plants require these macronutrients to grow large and lush promoting the growth of the foliage growth of strong roots, stems, flowers, and fruits.

Is it a 100% pure natural botanical-based or eco-friendly product?

Yes, it’s made from seaweed, moringa, and brassica extracts with natural stabilizers.

Can we use it directly on the plant?

Yes, it is ready to use the product.

How frequently we can apply it on plants?

We can apply it thrice a month.

How much time it will take to show results?

Grow Me Fast reported visible results within 72 Hrs. after spray.

Can we use this product for flowering and healthy fruiting of plants?

Yes, this product will help to improve flowering and fruiting and also helps to reduce flower dropping.

Can it recover plants from yellowing or any nutrient deficiency of the leaves?

Yes, it will help to reduce the deficiency of nutrients.

Can this help for flowering/ fruiting/ Leaf Shining?


Is it improving the shelf life of flowers?


Is it causing any adverse effect on plants if sprayed excessively?

No, but care should be taken to spray as per recommended schedules.

Can we spray Grow Me Fast and Plant Protector at the same time?

Take 8 to 10 Hrs. the time interval between two sprays.


500 ml

14 reviews for Grow Me Fast

  1. Nikhil

    Very nice product and very good quality for your plants…. The price is also very affordable….

  2. Suraj

    This product is the best as i can see the result within few hours itself

  3. Ankita wankhade

    i love this product as my plants are growing fast !

  4. Kishor Pansare

    it is amazing product, I have used it for my home garden, thank u green era

  5. Ragini

    nice one…. recommended!

  6. Kishor Pansare

    nice products

  7. Pravin Dhaigude

    Excellent products for indoor , terrace and kitchen gardening 💐💐

  8. Vikiraj Phadtare

    Great product in kitchen gardening

  9. R Choudhari

    i love this product as my plants are growing fast !

  10. Amruta

    Best product in the market……❤️ Recommend for kitchen gardening, terrace gardening, balcony plants.

  11. Sunil T

    Using Grow Me fast for a few months now and I am very impressed with the results.

  12. Amit Gaikwad

    Nice product

  13. Bhosale Akash

    After the use of grow me fast plants are growing at an amazing pace.

  14. Mrugang gaikwad

    I’m a huge fan of Grow Me Fast! This product has helped my plants grow incredibly quickly and healthily

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