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Green Era Agri World, a young Indian company and a subsidiary of Kay Bee Bio-Organic Pvt. Ltd., provides secure plant care products for urban gardening with the most cutting-edge technology. What sets Green Era products apart from other “Ready to Spray” products is that they can be applied directly to plants, both indoors and outdoors, without dilution of other ingredients. It aims to simplify the process of everyone’s home gardening of Plants, vegetables,
flowers, and fruits.

The products are designed for small urban balconies, terraces, and gardens and are suitable for the smallest of spaces. The Green Era has entered the urban gardening sector to provide solutions for maintaining soil health, improving nutritional benefits, and ensuring a residue-free environment. The product line aims to make urban spaces greener, which will provide aesthetic benefits to a highly stressed lifestyle. With our product line, home gardeners can develop the ability to have a nice garden with little effort.


Growing Together, Nurturing Nature's Balance.


Our mission at Green Era is to provide exceptional plant care services, ensuring the health and vitality of plants in homes, offices, and public spaces.


Passion, Quality commitment, Ecological responsibility innovation, integrity.

Why Green Era?

There is no better indoor and outdoor gardening solution than Green Era

Let's Make Your Garden Beautiful And Green!
Result in 72 Hours

Our products will show you results within 72 hours after using them

Phytotonic Effects

Helps to increase the weight, size, color, and glaziness of flowers and fruits.

Safe for Environment

Our all products are botanically based and environmentally safe.

Made by Plants

All of it is made up of medicinal plants (Made by plants).

Kay Bee Group of Companies​

Green Era is a part of the prestigious Kay Bee Group of Companies and we reap the organic tomorrow. The main vision of the Green Era is to maintain the soil and plant health of your urban gardens and to support the urban dwellers who look forward to making their home’s corners a bit closer to nature. Our mission is to share our love for urban gardening by connecting with the community by giving people the right guidance with the best and top-quality plant care products.

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