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Best Organic Antifungal Spray For All Types Of Indoor And Outdoor Plants

Fungo Guard becomes a steamroller in the arena of plant protection. It is taken as an effective fungus remover spray and mold spray for plants. This organic solution serves as a reliable anti-fungal spray for plants, safeguarding both indoor and outdoor green companions. With its potent formulation, Fungo Guard stands out as an efficient antifungal garden spray and houseplant spray, addressing a spectrum of fungal issues. As a fungicide for flowering plants, it not only combats leaf fungus but also acts as a natural shield against various plant infections. Trust in Fungo Guard, your go-to solution for a healthy and fungus-free garden.

The Benefits of Fungo Guard

  • Effectively stops the spread of fungus by preventing further growth.
  • Acts as a barrier against fungal spore germination.
  • Inhibits ingredients that support plant growth.
  • Supplements biotic and abiotic stress resistance in plants.
  • Serves as a natural protector for your plants.


Direction For Use

  • Shake well before spray.
  • Unlock the nozzle and spray uniformly on plant leaves.
  • Spray directly on the plant, no need to dilute further.
  • For best results, spray twice a week.

Suitable for all types of indoor & outdoor plants.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it effective on all fungi in a plant? 

Fungo Guard controls specific types of fungi. They may not be effective against all types of fungi that can affect a plant. The effectiveness of a fungicide depends on several factors, including the type of fungus, the stage of development of the fungus, the type of plant, and environmental conditions.

How long does Fungo Guard take time to give results?

It will give results within 72 hours. The length of time it takes to see results can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of protection used to protect against fungal infections, the severity of the infection, and the type of fungal infection.

Why Fungo Guard is beneficial for plants?

Fungo Guard is beneficial for plants as it helps to prevent and control fungal diseases that can damage or kill the plant. Fungal diseases can cause leaves to yellow, wilt, and drop, as well as roots, rots, and wilts in the plant stem, roots, and fruit. Applying Fungo Guard, a fungicide, to the plant, helps to protect the plant from these diseases, promoting healthy growth and increasing yields.

How often do we spray Fungo Guard on plants?

The normal range of spray Fungo Guards’ applications on plants is every 7 to 14 days. It also varies according to the plant-affected condition by fungus, or you can check the manufacturer’s direction on how to use it.

Which is the best organic fungi spray for indoor and outdoor gardening?

Fungo Guard fungus protector is the best organic fungi remover spray for indoor and outdoor gardening because it will give you results within 48 hours effective for all fungus completely natural and unadulterated and is eco-friendly.

Is it useful to control the yellowing and browning of Leaves?

Yes, it helps to control the yellowing and browning of the leaf.

Can it control black and white spots on the leaf?


How much time will it take to show results?

It is highly effective within 72 Hrs. against air-borne diseases.

Which types of diseases are controlled by Fungo Guard?

All types of fungal as well as bacterial diseases.

What is the standard interval between two sprays for better control?

An interval of 5 to 6 days between two sprays is necessary for effective control.

Is it safe for pets, animals & human beings?

Yes, it is very safe.

Is this product suitable for use in indoor and outdoor plants?

Yes, very well.

Is it a 100% pure natural botanical-based product?

Yes, all ingredients used in this product are made from natural plant extracts.

Is it safe for human skin?


What will be the benefits of its preventive application?

Yes, it will keep your plants away from disease infestation.

Are any refilling pouches available for the same products?



500 ml

15 reviews for Fungo Guard

  1. swapnilu

    Awesome product

  2. Tannu Shri

    I have used this product the result was too good

  3. Komal Kamble

    This product is organic and has no side effects

  4. Utkarsh Z

    Very good product and has no side effects

  5. Akshay

    Nice Product

  6. k

    good product i got result for my garden

  7. Jadhav V

    best organig fungus protector

  8. Sanket fendar

    I was having problem with fungal disease in my garden, and I was worried about losing my plants. I tried Fungo Guard, and it cleared up the problem in no time!

  9. Mithila

    Applied on Jasmine plant, got results within 2 days, definately try once

  10. Vikrant Kadam

    Fungo Guard prevents all fungal diseases nice product.

  11. Namrata Waychal

    if you are looking for a best bio fungicides I will recommend this product.

  12. Yogesh yadav

    I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an effective fungicide!

  13. Vwi6

    tomato fungal spots are covered

  14. Vaibhav

    tomato fungal spots are covered

  15. Rushikesh shinde

    tomato fungal spots are covered

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