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Best Online Organic Plant Root Growth Promoter and Booster

Root Rex is a valuable plant root booster blended with organic and botanical ingredients to serve as a root growth promoter. It is a plant root booster that is effective against a wide range of soil-borne fungal diseases like root rot, wilt, etc. Additionally, it strengthens the soil and increases a plant’s ability to absorb nutrients. It enhances photosynthesis, micro-organisms, and organic carbon in the root zone. It also increases the lateral root system and soil fertility. It maintains the vegetation for an extended period of time.

The Benefits of Root Rex

  • Enhance the white roots of indoor and outdoor plants for increased vitality.
  • Shows effective results within 72 hours, combating various soil-borne diseases.
  • Boosts the metabolism and growth of plant roots for overall plant health.
  • Retains moisture for longer periods, especially in extremely hot weather conditions.
  • An organic plant root growth stimulator for resilient and thriving root systems.

Direction For Use

  • Shake well before drench.
  • Water the plant before drenching.
  • Drench the plant directly; no additional water is necessary.
  • For best results drench once in a week.
  • Use 50ml/per plant.

Suitable for all types of indoor & outdoor plants.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should we use Root Rex for soil fertility and against soil-borne diseases?

Root Rex helps to improve soil structure, water-holding capacity, and nutrient uptake while reducing the risk of soil-borne diseases by creating a healthy soil environment. Additionally, because Root Rex is made from natural, organic materials, it is a safe and sustainable alternative to synthetic fertilizers and chemical treatments.

Why Root Rex is beneficial for plants

Root Rex is a product that contains beneficial bacteria and fungi that improve the health and growth of plants by increasing the availability of nutrients and water, promoting root development, and suppressing harmful pathogens. It also improves soil structure and fertility, leading to improved overall plant health and increased crop yields.

How long does Root Rex take time to give results?

The time it takes for Root Rex to give results varies and depends on several factors, such as the type of plant being grown, environmental conditions, and the stage of growth of the plant. Generally, it takes a few weeks to several months to see noticeable results.

Which is the best organic root booster spray for indoor and outdoor gardening?

Root Rex is a root booster which is the best organic immunity booster. It is a ready to use product that has an effect on all types of soil borne diseases. It increases white root and does not harm plant and maintain soil fertility.

How often should we use Root Rex?

You can use the Root Rex Plant Booster application every four weeks, it also varies according to the plant types of soil-borne disease, or you can check the manufacturer’s direction on how to use it.

What is white root and how it works?

White roots are active roots of plants that help to uptake water and nutrients.

Can Root Rex help to improve the white root development of plants?

Yes, it is a novel product for root development.

Is it helpful to uptake nutrients from soil?

Yes, it improves the nutrient use efficiency of plants.

Can this product be useful to prevent the falling of leaves and flowers?


What should be the soil condition before applying Root Rex?

Optimal moisture should be present in the soil for better results.

Can we use this product for indoor plants?


What is the standard frequency to use Root Rex?

Use it twice a month.

Can it be applied immediately after transplanting?

No. Apply 3 to 4 days after transplanting.

Is it a 100% pure natural botanical-based product?

Yes, it’s made from seaweed and asparagus extracts with hydrolysed protein and natural stabilizers.

Any positive effect of this product on soil microbial activities.

Yes, it will help to improve soil microbial activities and counts also.

8 reviews for Root Rex

  1. Neha Sarve

    Working great on my indoor plant thank you green era

  2. Vitthal Raghav Machindra

    Nice product…..

  3. rajiv

    i have used, helped me to save my plants

  4. doja cat

    loved the product, I said what i said

  5. Kamble E

    After application of this product, my plants have started growing greener and better

  6. Amol Pradhan

    My rooting was very slow in growth, after use of root rex growth is fast

  7. Shubham More

    Cuttings have rooted much faster than I ever thought possible.

  8. Ashvini Madhukar Yadav

    saved all vegatables from soil fungus, used in kitchen garding.

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